August 3, 2023

"Golf Cart Doctor is the best! Highly recommend!"
June 22, 2023

Office Manager

"I was very impressed with Efrin's professionalism and work. Efrin was very informative an knowledgeable with everything. I felt very confident in his service and I would highly recommend him. "
June 14, 2023

"Been using the Golf Cart Dr for 5 years now...we have 6 carts. They are friendly, knowledgable and always try to fit us in while they have been extremely busy Highly recommend...Thanks Mike and his crew"
February 28, 2023

Maintenance supervisor

"Dave did a great job replacing a broken cable on are Yamaha golf cart. He also helped replace the parts i had to remove to find the broken cable. As always they do great work."
February 28, 2023

"My golf cart would not work, and Mike picked it up, looked and looked for what was wrong, figured it out, and delivered it back to me. It stopped working again, and he picked it up free of cost, recharged the battery and delivered it back to me. Thank you Mike and the team at Golf cart dr."
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